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Extended warranty

The IQOS CLUB membership ensures that if you accidentally damage your IQOS device, we will replace once both your holder and your charger. We will make the replacement of your IQOS device as soon as possible so that you can use it without interruption. For more information see the Warranty page.

Notification about important information

As an IQOS CLUB member, you will be notified directly about important news, price and product range changes, and helpful tips about IQOS devices.

Extra support

We provide extra support to our IQOS CLUB members via given contact channels in the first time period after the registration to IQOS CLUB. We are providing useful information on how to use the device properly and answering questions that have arisen in the meantime.

Consumer feedback

We collect feedback from our IQOS CLUB members to ensure that our products and services meet the standards of our IQOS users.

Professional cleaning

Our IQOS experts clean the devices of our IQOS CLUB memebers for free. Inquire about the possibility of a personal meeting at our Customer Care!

Expert advice

Meet with our IQOS experts who help you in how to use your IQOS device correctly. They also help you clean your device, upgrade the software of it and provide professional answers to any questions you may have about your device. Inquire about the possibility of a personal meeting at our Customer Care!

IQOS CLUB membership

If you are a registered user: log into your profile and click on the IQOS CLUB Membership field or call the IQOS Customer Care and request IQOS CLUB membership.

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