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The operator of this website is Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. (1085 Budapest, Kálvin tér 12.), a member of Philip Morris International (henceforth: PMI). You use the website on your own responsibility; by using it you accept the Terms and Conditions listed below. We take no responsibility and provide no (express or indirect) guarantee with regard to the website or its use.

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The purpose of the website, usage rights

The purpose of the website is to inform smokers above the age of 18, who live in Hungary, about

  • the points of sale of IQOS and its accessories and basic information about device’s technology, and
  • the use, operation, technical specifications, troubleshooting, warranty conditions of IQOS, including answers for frequently asked questions,
  • to provide adequate information and education for registered users through E-COACH videos and additional product information.

  • To view the restricted contents of the website available only for registered users, a user account has to be set up by registering the consumer and the product through the system provided by Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. (website registration) which requires a password to be set upon receiving an e-mail notification. Thereafter, the restricted contents of the website will also be available to registered consumers. The IQOS buyer / user can register in the point of sale of the IQOS during the purchase or after it through our Customer Care via phone. Some personal data have to be provided by the buyer/user for registration, which we process in accordance with our Privacy Notice. It is important that users should provide accurate, complete and up-to-date information when setting up their account. The registered user agree to ensure that the provided data will always be accurate, complete and up-to-date and to inform Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. of any changes therein by modifying profile information in the website or via Customer Care.

    Only those adult smokers are authorised to register and use the website who have bought an IQOS device, live in Hungary and have made a statement of being over 18 years old.

    Additional conditions of registration include the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use, acknowledgement of having noted of the Privacy Notice furthermore reading cookie notice and accepting the information on cookie settings.

    Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. reserves the right to monitor the activities of registered users related to the device and

    • in case of claim for replacement check with a personal / physical inspection that the device is defective and the cause of the defect;
    • limits the number of devices that can be registered to the profile, - either in general or for specific consumers- or drove the consumer's attention to the possibility of the restriction if the number of device registrations to the consumer profile has exceeded the average number of registered devices to consumers.

    If users fail to meet the above conditions, they cannot register and may not visit the content of the website available only for registered users.

    Registered users shall manage their user name and password enabling login to the website confidentially and inaccessibly to others and if any suspicion arise that these were acquired by an unauthorized person, they shall immediately notify Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. by sending an e-mail to contact.hu@iqos.com .

    Registered users are responsible for all activities conducted in their accounts, whether or not they are aware of them.

    Registered users are not authorised to use either the password or the account of another person. They may not attempt to make any unauthorized access to the website. In the event that they attempt to do so, or assist others in doing so, or if they distribute any guidance, software or devices to that end, the account will be closed.

    Please note that if a registered user deletes the registered profile (which can be done after login to the profile on the website or through our Customer Care following the necessary identification) Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. does not retain the data or statements needed for creating the profile and the data generated in the course of the website use, so it will not be able to provide such information retroactively after deletion.

    The profile of the registered user is deleted by Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. - except in the following cases - only at the request of the user:

  • in case of buyback of the registered product - if the user does not register another product - the profile will be deleted after 3 months;
  • in case the user registered with or without IQOS CLUB membership does not log in to the website once for 5 years, the profile will also be deleted after 5 years;
  • in addition, if an inquiring profile has been created for more than 75 days and a consumer profile with device has not been created;
  • or if no device has been registered for a consumer profile for more than 75 days, despite an attempt of being contacted in the meantime.

  • The registered users accept that automatic messages will be sent to the registered e-mail address and will be received by them to ensure the proper provision of information about several steps in relation with their registered IQOS device and/or the handling of their user profile (like registration, new password creation, personal data modification, cancellation, etc.).

    Copyright, ownership of information

    All copyrights and related intellectual property rights connected to www.iqos.com website as well as the title of supervision to the entire web interface is held by Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. and its related companies (members of the PMI Group) and/or our dedicated service suppliers.

    Accuracy, completeness and timeliness of information provided on the website

    Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. takes no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or up-to-date status of information disclosed on its website. Any information published by Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. on the website provides general information only and cannot be used as an exclusive basis for important decisions without comparison to other sources of information that are more accurate, more complete or more current. Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. reserves the right to modify the content of the website at any time, but takes on no obligation to update the information published on the website. It is the user's responsibility to follow up changes on the website.

    Use of the materials published on the website

    The website and all its content (including the software, files, graphics, data, images and other content) fall under the property of Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. and others within the PMI Group and are subject to copyright, trademark and other legal protection, as provided by Hungarian legal regulations and/or those of other countries. By entering to the website and opening the automatic e-mails, the user agrees not to make the website, any material or information on it, nor the content of the automatic e-mails available or accessible in any form on the website itself or on any other interface, neither for other smokers nor for other third parties.

    The user agrees not to copy, publish and forward materials (including photos and videos) from the website and in case of registered users the content of automatic e-mails in any form or through any medium. The user also agrees not to modify, sell or publish any of the published documents (uploaded to the website) as well as content of automatic e-mails sent by Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. (including photos and videos) available on the website, including in particular uploading a given document to the Internet or disclosing it to the public, including making it accessible online in any other way.

    Violation of copyright and related rights, other intellectual property rights and business secrets may have severe consequences under civil or criminal law, as the case may be, including suing for damages and reporting to the police.


    The logos on the website and in automatic e-mails or constituting parts furthermore the product and service trademarks are the property of Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. and the Philip Morris International Group; our company has exclusive authorisation to use them.


    This website is accessible to and may be used exclusively by the users as detailed above. Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. reserves the right to alter the content of the website at any time without prior notice, to discontinue the website or shut down the operation of any part and block access to it. Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. does not accept any responsibility for the authenticity and the up-to-date status of the information on the website, or for the errors or deficiencies in its content. Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. takes no responsibility any unauthorized use of the information presented on the website.

    Limitation of liability

    Neither Philip Morris Hungary Ltd., nor any other content provider third party used for the operation of the website and its services take any responsibility for any direct or indirect, accidental, special, consequential, criminal or other damage arising from the use of the website or that of any other websites via links provided therein, or from any unsuitability usage, or from any action or inaction by the website following the receipt of electronic mail sent to it by users.

    This includes damage arising because of the following, such as errors, dropouts, disruptions, problems and delays, computer viruses, lost profit, loss of data, unauthorized access, falsification of data or communications and other perceptible and non-perceptible damage.

    User liability

    In the event that a user causes any technical error on the website or in the systems delivering the website, that user will be fully liable for all costs (including legal costs) arising as a result of such an error.


    The provisions of Hungarian and European Union legal regulations in force at all times shall govern the website.

    Amendment of these Terms and Conditions

    Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions presented herein at its own discretion by uploading the amended Terms and Conditions to the website or to supplement them with new ones at any time.

    The user of the website shall be responsible for regularly checking whether any change has been made in the Terms and Conditions. The amended Terms and Conditions are accepted by the user if s/he continues to use the website even after the amended Terms and Conditions are uploaded to this website.

    Other rights according to the Terms and Conditions of Use

    If the user fails to comply with these Terms and Conditions of Use or Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. is unable to enforce its rights according to these Terms and Conditions of Use or if it can do so only with a delay, it does not, in any way, mean that Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. waives its right to take action against the user in the event of any such violation or that the user would not be under an obligation to subsequently comply with its obligations thereunder. If Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. decides to waive its right to enforce its rights in the event of the violation of these Terms and Conditions of Use, it will do so in writing only.

    Every single point of these Terms and Conditions of Use is valid separately. This means that a court or a competent authority should decide that any of its provisions is illegal, is in conflict with the law or cannot be enforced, the remaining points shall remain valid in an unchanged form.

    Contact us!

    Please, contact us at contact.hu@iqos.com or use any other mode of contact provided on the website:

  • if you believe that the website violates a copyright or presents some content which in your view is illegal, offensive, or is in breach of the rights of the user or of others, or
  • if you have any question in relation to these Terms and Conditions of Use or the website.

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