The Buyback Process in a Nutshell:

  • The consumer announces their buyback request by submitting the fully and accurately completed “Contract” and a copy of the IQOS device’s invoice/receipt. The documents must be sent to
  • PMMO Kft. receives the contract and verifies buyback eligibility.
  • If necessary, PMMO Kft. will call the consumer to agree on the details of the buyback.
  • If the consumer is eligible for buyback, PMMO Kft. will order a courier to pick up and deliver the device to the inspection site.
  • If the product inspection determines that a buyback is mandated, PMMO Kft. will transfer the price of the device to the consumer via direct deposit.

  • Buyback Terms and Conditions:

    Offering a 14-day buyback is not a legal obligation, but a courtesy service of PMMO Kft., providing consumers with comfort and flexibility. Philip Morris Magyarország Kft. provides consumers with a 2-week buyback guarantee (right of withdrawal) after product purchase under the following terms and conditions. Consumers become eligible for a buyback for their first IQOS device purchased in a National Tobacco Store in Hungary.

  • Registration:

  • A basic condition of the buyback is that the consumer and the product subject to the buyback are both registered in the IQOS Customer and Product Registration System. You can register at the time of purchase in the National Tobacco Store, after the purchase by calling the IQOS Customer Care or online at by clicking the following link:

  • Watching E-COACH videos on product usage:

  • Consumers become eligible for a buyback for their first IQOS device purchased in a National Tobacco Store in Hungary if they have watched the E-COACH videos available at (7 videos). You can find the E-COACH videos on product usage after logging in to under “E-COACH.”
    IQOS Hungary

  • Request announced within the 2-week period:

  • You must announce your buyback request within 14 days to Philip Morris Magyarország Kft. by sending the fully and accurately completed contract to

  • Mandatory presentation of the invoice/receipt received at the time of purchase or the documentary evidence of the purchase:

  • A copy of the invoice/receipt must be sent together with the contract by email, and the original must be sent with the device to PMMO Kft. At the request of PMMO Kft., you must also present the documentary evidence of the electronic purchase. A buyback is not possible without these documents.

  • Physically damaged devices and those that were earlier replaced due to physical damage or other products and accessories deemed faulty based on the below criteria are not eligible for buyback.

  • PMMO Kft. will have the device inspected. Incomplete, damaged devices or those that were earlier replaced due to physical damage are not eligible for buyback. If the returned IQOS heater and / or the charging case shows signs of physical damage (e.g. scratches, breaks, broken heater blade, etc.) or other user-induced errors (e.g. electronic failure caused by water damage), PMMO Kft. will not buy the device back from the consumer, pursuant to the buyback terms and conditions. If we reject the device buyback based on the result of the product inspection, the consumer can pick up the device no earlier than on the 5th business day after receiving our notification; the only pickup location is the office of Philip Morris Magyarország Kft. (H-1085 Budapest Kálvin tér 12., 2nd floor).
    Please pay close attention to only send complete and undamaged devices. You should request a buyback only for devices meeting all criteria!

  • PMMO Kft. will only pay refunds to Hungarian bank accounts. Cash refund is not an option.

  • Should the inspection of the device sent by the consumer end without any findings, PMMO Kft. will initiate the direct deposit to the bank account number provided. The price of the product will be deposited within 30 days of executing the contract, but the transfer may require more time due to the extraordinary healthcare situation and the corresponding epidemic control measures – working with social distancing – mandated and continued as precautionary measures after the state of emergency period.

    Using the Contract:

    Please submit your buyback request by completing this contract and sending it together with a copy of the invoice / receipt to, where our colleagues will immediately begin to process your buyback request. Please note, that the fully and accurately completed contract and the copy of the invoice / receipt must reach the above mentioned email address within 14 days of the device purchase.
    We make the following recommendations for completing the contract:
  • Save the contract to your computer, complete the contract, send it back via email
  • Print the contract, complete it using a pen, take a photo of the contract, then send it back via email
  • To complete the contract on a smartphone (iOS and Android), we recommend Adobe fill & sign which is free to download
  • Copy the text of this contract to an email, fill in the data and send the email

  • If you have questions regarding the completion of the contract or your pending buyback, please send an email to

    You can open and / or download the contract in PDF format here:
    The contract is only available in Hungarian.
    Thank you for your understanding.