IQOS CLUB detailed information

IQOS CLUB membership:

Every IQOS consumer has the opportunity to become an IQOS CLUB member. Entry to the IQOS CLUB can be made as part of the sales (including registration) process at the tobacco store that sells IQOS devices, or can be initiated via the IQOS Customer Care (+ 36 80 888 222) and on the website at profile settings. IQOS CLUB members can only be registered consumers who are living in Hungary, have a Hungarian telephone number, are over 18 years old and have an IQOS device.

Details of IQOS CLUB membership:

1. Customer Care support

For each CLUB member, we provide extra support via the given contact channels approximately in the first 3 weeks after the registration to IQOS CLUB (entering into the IQOS CLUB) providing useful information on how to use the device properly, answering questions that have arisen in the meantime, and collecting feedback to ensure that our products and services meet the standards of our IQOS users.
If the need for additional support arises, we can contact IQOS CLUB members after the first 3 weeks as well for additional support and requesting feedback.

2. Directly informed from the important news

As a basic contractual obligation, we undertake that CLUB members are regularly informed even after the first period’s Customer Care support via the given contact channels, and streamed or audiovisual materials (webinars) made available for all IQOS CLUB members at the same time of the most important news about the IQOS devices already on the market, and new product and solution launches or planned launches, and useful tips for different usage of different type of devices, about the technology of products belonging to the IQOS portfolio, the science, the research and research programs behind IQOS and the results of these, and about the changes of the price and the product range. In order to be able to fulfill our contractual obligations towards IQOS CLUB members and to provide them with the most relevant information, we classify members into segments based on the interaction they carry out with us (e.g. opening e-mails, communicating with our customer service, etc.). Moreover the IQOS CLUB provides opportunity for Club members to provide consumer feedback as of March 2020. Our IQOS CLUB members can decide if they want to give us a feedback, or not. Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. reserves the right to give a gift at any time for IQOS CLUB feedback and in the case of fulfillment of the prize conditions and drawing as a winner on the webinars, but there is no obligation to do so now, or in the future.

3. Swap In case of physical damage

You can swap your device at any tobacco store selling IQOS devices (except IQOS Selling point with limited selection categorized stores), by showing the SMS proving your eligibility. The conditions apply on every registered device’s (except for the replacement of a previously damaged and replaced device) damaged part (holder, charger) ONCE. Regardless of whether the injury occurred from an improper use. See for detailed replacement terms by clicking the Warranty link.

4. Loyalty program offers

Loyalty program offers regarding specific products and for a specific period of time, with a unique price and/or an exclusive purchase opportunity for IQOS CLUB members.

5. International assistance

Even when abroad, IQOS CLUB members can validate their warranty rights regarding their defective device after a (remote) inspection by calling +800 2559 2559. .

Leaving IQOS CLUB:

All members can leave the IQOS CLUB, simply by log into the website in the profile and execute the modification or by indicating their intention to our Customer Care. You can do this by phone +36 80 888 222 or by e-mail to

The only way to "unsubscribe" from newsletters and/or phone calls is by leaving the IQOS CLUB, however, members who leave the IQOS CLUB will of course cease to be members of the IQOS CLUB, so they will no longer be entitled to other club membership services entitled to exclusive club members!

Latest update: 31.05. 2023.