How to register your device

If your device has not been registered at the point of purchase, you can also register through our IQOS Costumer Care. For the warranty based on law is not requires any registration. Your registration can be deleted any time.

How to register your device?

1. If your device was purchased in Hungary, send the copy of Proof of Purchase document (scan or take a photo about the information that is filled by the selling point) to the contact.hu@iqos.com email address!

2. In case you purchased your device in abroad please start with the step 2.

3. Call our Customer Care (it is available in English, as well): +36 80 888 222

4. Choose the “device registration” option!

5. Our colleague will register you into our system after giving the data, information asked by the Call Center agent!

More information about the registration and about data handling you can find here on the www.iqos.com website under the Terms of Use and PRIVACY NOTICE menu.

Why does it worth to register your device?

In case defective product, in the first 2 years after purchase you can replace your device at any tobacco shop which is selling that type of IQOS device (except IQOS selling point with limited selection), with proof of eligibility by showing SMS code sent by IQOS Call Center after the (remote) inspection of the device.

Registered users may replace malfunctioning USB cable and power adapter without receipt in dedicated tobacco shops. IQOS Costumer Care can inform you about dedicated tobacco shops.

You can read detailed information on warranty and withdrawal conditionalities here on the www.iqos.com website “Warranty” menu.

Briefly about the IQOS CLUB membership!

Every member of the IQOS CLUB will receive extra support, will be informed directly about the important news and receive eligibility for device swap in case of improper usage. More details about the eligibility see here on the www.iqos.com website “Warranty” menu.

You can read detailed information about the IQOS CLUB membership here on the www.iqos.com website IQOS CLUB menu.