Would you like to know more about functions and usage of IQOS™ accessories?

Functional accessories:

CAP: The CAP may not seem significant at first, but it is an important part of the IQOS™ system, as it provides the upper outer covering of the Holder. The CAP can be removed and replaced with a simple movement.

We suggest to clean manually both sides of the CAP together with the Holder every day or at least after every 20 tobacco sticks to ensure a longer lifespan and optimal flavor. It may happen that tobacco stuck into the CAP and vent holes can be clogged. Therefore, the replacement of CAP in every 3-6 months is recommended.

Here you can learn more about the correct way of cleaning.

Sleeve: To protect the IQOS™ device you can use various protecting sleeves. The available IQOS™ sleeves for Pocket Chargers can prevent scratches and stains.

Leather and silicone sleeves can be found in our sortiment. The leather sleeve facilitates the enhanced grip of the Pocket Charger. In the spirit of sustainability, our silicone sleeves are made from recycled materials for IQOS™ users.

Cleaning stick and cleaning tool: The importance of cleaning sticks cannot be highlighted enough. They can be used to remove tobacco residue stuck into the IQOS™ Holder and CAP. Use only original cleaning tool for cleaning your IQOS™ device!

Here you can learn more about the correct way of cleaning.

Charging cable and AC adapter: A USB-C type charging cable and AC adapter are included in every newly purchased IQOS™ system's box. As in case of mobile phones, the charging cables will get worn out or will be lost over time.

You will also find these items among our accessories in case you ever need a new one. IMPORTANT! Always charge your IQOS™ device with its own charging cable and AC adapter!

What else you might need as an IQOS user?

Door cover: The door cover is part of the IQOS™ system and is located on the side of the Pocket Charger. It is made of solid, sandblasted aluminum. Due to their magnetic design, it can be easily snapped off if you want to change to another color.

The primary purpose of the door cover is to protect the Pocket Charger from scratches and external influences.

Dock: The dock allows you to quickly charge your IQOS™ Pocket Charger. You can also use your Holder while charging the Pocket Charger!

Car tray: Used HEETS™ tobacco sticks can be disposed in ceramic tray. The aluminium tray features rubberized pad on the underside to keep the tray exactly where you want it. Lower part of the tray is made of ceramic, while the upper part is made of aluminium alloy.

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IMPORTANT: The availability of accessories for the IQOS™ device depends on current stocks of tobacco store. You can select the nearest tobacco shop in our store locator.

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