Why should I download the IQOS application?

The official IQOS application is available in Hungary, which helps you to customize your device settings and update your device’s software.

How does it help, and why should I download the application?

Software update

As with other electronic devices, firmware (software) updates are available for IQOS devices on a regular basis.
As a result of the update, the latest IQOS firmware (software) improves the stability of IQOS electronics for the optimal performance and can extend the life of the holder’s battery.*


You can customize the vibration and lighting settings of your IQOS device according to suit your needs.**

Tips and tricks

Read frequently asked questions, information, tips and tricks about IQOS to help you to learn and use your device.

Download the IQOS application and sign in with your personal data!

  • For Android based devices
  • For Desktop platforms (WIN)
  • For Desktop platforms (MAC)***

    If you have any other questions about the IQOS application, please contact our customer care, or frequently asked questions.

    *The impact of new firmware update on your particular IQOS 3 DUO holder battery lifespan depends on many factors including usage regimen, device settings, battery age and environmental conditions.
    **Vibration and lighting settings are only available for certain IQOS devices and firmware versions.
    ***Not available in App Store.
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