Information on the price of IQOS devices

Currently, you can purchase our IQOS 3 DUO and IQOS 2.4 PLUS products in national tobacco stores.


Detailed information on the technology

PMI's heat-not-burn device IQOS heats up processed tobacco from within at temperatures of up to the optimal level, releasing real tobacco flavor with no burning, no ash, and no smoke.


US FDA decision on IQOS

Important decision: the FDA concludes that switching completely to IQOS reduces your body’s exposure to harmful or potentially harmful chemicals*


What is the difference between IQOS and e-cigarettes?

There can be lots of questions on the difference between IQOS and e-cigarettes. We collected the most important ones.


IQOS and menthol ban

From 20th of May 2020, menthol-flavored cigarettes and mentholated cigarette tobacco may not be commercialized. This ban results from the European Union Tobacco Products Directive.


Important infromation for IQOS users and those interested, in the current health situation

In the current emergency state due to COVID-19, the health and safety of our consumers and employees is the most important to us!