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Find your answers for support and IQOS CLUB related questions, here at our FAQ section.

Supporting services FAQ categories Program Support Conversion support
Supporting services FAQ categories Program Support Conversion support
No, unfortunately you cannot try the product. But in case you register yourself and your device in our system, you have the possibility for buy back within 14 days. More details you can find by clicking on the "Buyback" at the bottom of website.
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We know that some adult smokers find it challenging to convert to IQOS.
IQOS CLUB provides for all IQOS users an extra support via the given contact channels in the first period after purchase, providing useful information on how to use the device properly, answering questions that have arisen in the meantime, and collecting feedback to ensure that our products and services meet the standards of our IQOS users.
More details about IQOS CLUB you can find here.
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In case you are registered user:
1. Log in to your profile and click on the IQOS CLUB Membership field
2. Call IQOS Customer Care and request IQOS CLUB membership

In case you are not registered user, you can enter into the IQOS CLUB during registration. More details about the registration process you can find HERE.
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IQOS CLUB members can only be registered consumers who live in Hungary, have a Hungarian telephone number, are over 18 years old and have an IQOS device.
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By joining to the IQOS CLUB you will be entitled to the following extended services:
  • We provide extra support for each CLUB member via the given contact channels in the first period after the registration to IQOS CLUB.
  • IQOS CLUB members receive regular and direct information on the latest news about the IQOS device, useful tips for using the device, IQOS technology, the scientific background behind it, scientific research, programs and their results, and changes in prices and product selection.
  • In the first year, even in the event of a physical damage, we will replace your IQOS device at any IQOS selling point that sells the same type of IQOS device as yours - except the IQOS selling points, which marked with limited selection - after the presentation of the text message confirming the entitlement. The conditions are applicable ONCE to the replacement of the defective part (heater, charger) of every registered device (except for the already replacemed device received in case of physical damage). The device can be replaced even if the fault is due to improper use. You can find out the detailed replacement conditions by clicking on the HELPFUL LINKS/WARRANTY link.
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    A 2-year warranty applies to IQOS devices purchased in Hungary. In case of swap the manufacturer will not swap the entire IQOS device, only the faulty holder or the faulty charger will be swapped. For detailed warranty information please visit here.
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    The aerosol depends on the moisture of the tobacco stick and on the way you take the puffs. If you experience less aerosol compared to your previous experiences, please ensure you check first the following:
  • You have correctly inserted the tobacco stick in the IQOS™ Holder without breaking or turning the tobacco stick.
  • Once the tobacco stick has been inserted, it is important that you don’t twist or turn it because it can damage your IQOS heating blade.
  • The way you puff impacts how long your tobacco stick will last. Take longer, gentler puffs. Taking longer ca. 10 sec breaks between the puffs allow the blade properly heat the tobacco and generate aerosol.
  • Clean the IQOS holder regularly according to the instructions. After you entered into your registered profile you can learn the proper way of cleaning from our E-coach videos, or you can gain a quick insight from our quick start videos here.
  • Note that tobacco from the previously consumed tobacco stick may block the air-flow of the IQOS Holder, so please make sure that you clean your device properly, especially the CAP. Remove the used tobacco stick from the Holder.
  • If you can not insert the tobacco stick till the silver line, the device should be cleaned, most likely the CAP.
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    We take special attention about IQOS users and for every legal age user or legal age smoker who is interested about IQOS. Our Customer Care can answer all questions about IQOS devices, including the following points:
  • Profile/ IQOS registration
  • Warranty
  • Registration
  • Proper useage of IQOS
  • Question about technology and device
  • Question about device difference
  • Question in general, notice, and complaint.
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    On the Store Locator subpage you can find the tobacco store fits the most to your needs (eg. Closest or even a vendor selling accessories). Clicking on the pin on the map you can see the opening hours, sortiment and the phone number. If you are interested in stock information about an IQOS product or accessory, contact your selected tobacco store.
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    You can find the current warranty and withdrawal (buyback) conditions here.
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    If the damaged happenned after the purchase - meaning the damage caused by the user - there is no oppotunity for a new swap. For detailed replacement terms click here.:
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    At the Store Locator subpage you can find the tobacco store, which fits the most to your needs (eg. closest or the one with accessories).
    Clicking on the pinned store on the map you can see the opening hours, sortiment and the phone number if you want to check the availability of the desired product.
    If you are interested in IQOS product stock information or in accessory stock, contact the selected tobacco store.
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